Pardo & Minorities/Controversy

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Pardo & Minorities/Controversy

Unread postby Akraen Thu May 29, 2014 3:11 pm ... d-nintendo" target="_blank

Really like his stance on this, because while I agree it's good to be respectful, if we let the PC police take over fictional worlds then fictional worlds will be just as sterile as the real one.

Without some bad, there is no reference point for good. Bad people are a subset of people and in a fictional setting I completely reject the notion, which you and others seem to be pushing, that I cannot creatively conjure a type of abject evil and atrocity that exists in a fictional world which would never be permitted in the actual world.

For business reasons of course nothing I'm implying should ever really be implemented into a game that's appealing to such a huge population-- anything else would just be business suicide or a fun marketing tightrope. So yeah of course that's a layer of this.

My issue is, once regulated-- once "should" starts to be a limitation on creative writers and producers as a form of censorship, we will end up having a very bland, homogenized type of content devoid of pathos, empathy, or any of the emotional and intellectual hooks that create such good fiction.

Simply look at American TV versus British TV. On one hand you have a free-speech society where sensible business decisions are the form of regulation and you have a supposedly more limited government-subsidized TV where they decide the rules. The funny thing is, the supposedly free-speech TV is far more politically correct and bland from taboo shock value or comments that would be considered offensive to minority groups simply because of American advertisers fearing isolating groups of potential customers. So in an odd and unexpected way the government-controlled TV is far more "free speech" than the corporation-controlled TV.

Nothing has turned me off capitalism more than this single fact and I've been trying to find a way to develop and present my argument. Marketing somehow becomes just as if not more oppressive than a regulatory government.

So yeah-- smart business to keep things pretty clean. But when does that go too far? That's my concern. I want good fiction, sometimes I want to feel uncomfortable. And if something ever truly upset me-- I'd probably just turn it off, not campaign against it.

Keep fiction fictional, recognize that fantasy worlds aren't a place to drag in politics.

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