Obliteration mage? New spec for mage?

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Obliteration mage? New spec for mage?

Unread postby Teruaki Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:24 pm

Hey guys,
I was thinking, I'd love a mage spec where the base was long cast long cd high damage spells.
Let me try to explain.
An above average dps do around 110m on ursoc right.
What if great part of that damage came from like 3-4 spells.
Spells that did like 30m damage but had like 10s cast time and 5 min cd. That you use once, twice max. during the fight.

One way i thought would be nice (im no developer so this shit isn't balance at all)is having 4 high damage spells that would cost 90% base mana to cast, so you can't cast twice in a roll and a filter spell that would transform part of the damage it delt into mana.
So the rotation would be. Cast a big spell, filler to full mana, cast another big spell. Repeat

There could be some high cd support spells to burst, like one that make your next 2 spells insta cast and no mana cost (with like 10 min cd)

it's just an idea. But the more I think about it more it seems like a fun spec to play.

What are your thoughts? Complete shit or something fun? Leave your opinions.

If you liked spread the idea. Who knows, maybe blizz buy it xD. Hahahha
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Re: Obliteration mage? New spec for mage?

Unread postby Akraen Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:14 pm

I can totally dig the fantasy of such a thing, but I don't think it's very practical for the design team to fit in such long cast times and cooldowns into modern fights.

Consider, for a moment, a 5 minute cooldown on a 4 minute-long boss fight. Do you balance it relative to another class' 90 second cooldown that'll be used twice? If the boss fight is 6 minutes, how does that get balanced against the third use of a 90 sec cooldown or another use of a 5 minute cooldown? Very hard to keep the numbers sensible at that point. It'll end up being a lot of frustration for the obliteration mage as well as they progress through content given the variable fight lengths. 5-man content might turn into a real chore as everyone speeds through stuff and you're left pretty much just with fillers and no real fulfillment.

I don't want to simply shut down creative input, so what do you think about fine-tuning your idea a bit? Consider ways to address the cons of this idea: a special resource that allows your filler spell to mimic being under the effects of your cooldown. Possibly a proc that can be used to make a spell instant or be cannibalized to empower your cooldown ability and reduce its remaining cooldown.

I'm not reading anywhere on your post any actual ideas for the type of spells you'd have an obliteration mage cast. I'd caution against any fel magic as that's very much a warlock and demon hunter concept. Maybe instead the spec could be an elementalist flavor, which would satisfy the desires of many mages out there. For years I've wanted to see spellfrost, spellfire, and frostfire options open up to mage beyond the odd proc or reference, or borderline insulting quest name (I'm salty about flurry).

So possibly this:
5 min cooldown increase haste/damage
10 min cooldown increase damage and add DoT to spells
45 sec cooldown opener 'spellfire' with 4 sec cast time / high damage
no cooldown 'frostfire bolt' with 2.5 sec cast time / medium damage and can be cast while moving
15 sec cooldown 'obliteration bolt' with 3 sec cast time / does increased damage based off combined remaining cooldown on your 5/10 min cds
no cooldown 'spellfrost' with 1.5 sec cast time / low damage / slow / reduces time left on cooldowns by 2 sec per cast

My ideas are silly and far from the whole toolkit, but I simply wanted to give you a response to help you flesh out the idea more. Good ideas take a bunch of revisions.

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