Help to improve my DPS!

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Help to improve my DPS!

Unread postby Peacesellz Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:04 am

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Hello everyone!
I'm new on this forum. I have some questions about frost mages in general, and doubts about how to sim myself.

My current stats are the following (i have the link od the armory, but just in case ... )

Intelect: 46520
Critical hit: 33% - 11152 [+27.88%]
Haste: 15% - 5532 [+14.35%]
Mastery: 44% 4683 [+26.34%]
Versatility: 9% 4464 [+9.40%/4.70%]

Like every DPS player, i would like to improve it, so i could be usefull to my guild in raids and m+. So i have read maaaany guides on which stats should i been looking for, and everyone said that i must "sim myself". So i did, but i dont understand how the program works (mainly the results). I mean, it tells me the best stats depends my gear/spec or for frost mages in general?
Cant understand that part, because if my stats priority choice relliants on my gear, everytime i get new equip, it will be changing constantly ... Or should i choise a spec first (right now im playing TV) and then the program tells me the stat priority/best equip on my bag to that play spec?

Sory is very long to read (plus my english is very bad), but i'm needing help to know what are my stat priority, so i begin to search equip.

Ah, another thing ... if i finish casting FB, and i have a BF and IL proc ... should i IL + FB + BF + IL (to make crit the FB), or IL + BF + IL (no casting FB to not drop dps)?

Thats all for now, i hope u can help my with this! Thanks and bb! :)
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Re: Help to improve my DPS!

Unread postby Sadlo Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:29 pm

If you understand the way simc works, you are simming the gear and talents currently equiped. You can get stat weights from that, which will lead to better itemized gear. For different talents, different stats sim higher, example: for arcane, mastery sims like jesus if you use ROP with no kilt.

For frost, crit sims like jesus until you have 33%. there are just certain breakpoints that are better. 33% crit is needed for 100% crits on your FoF procs.

The FB BF FOF proc it takes time to figure it out. Personally I don't like munching any BF procs, as that frost bolt could create another one, I normally use BF, however within the first .5 seconds of the cast its a dps increase to stop casting, cast the ice lance, and then recast if I remember correctly.but after .5s its a waste to cancel the cast.

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