some help

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some help

Unread postby plegia Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:25 am

I am currently 961 and my dps is complete shit. i have all the legendaries. i know what my rotation should be. I am also aware that I was messing up fireblast and phoenix flames. I am trying to fix those issues but what else am i doing wrong that could help me improve. here are a few recent logs. i was having issues this week so i was super bad. what fights i did stay alive in i thought i improved my FB and PHOENIX FLAME issues. I can take criticism as long as its gonna help me be better
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Re: some help

Unread postby Jonezs Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:27 pm

Hey, I may not be the best player to determine your gameplay as last time I played fire was Emerald Nightmare. However since no one has answered I may as well bumb and give you some insight.

1. Your legendary bracer play (Kael'thas's Ultimate Ability) could use some improvement. On first Varimathras you hard casted pyroblasts twice without the buff (0:45 and 2:54). On second fight you only consumed first proc and ignored other four completely. Same occured on other bosses as well but I mainly focused on Vari fights. Do you have a weakaura (or tellmewhen or similar) to notify you about the procs?

2. AFAIK when using Koralon's Burning Touch you wanna replace fireball with scorch only when the boss is <30% hp (or if it gives you extra hot streak during combustion).

3. Like you said yourself there are still issues with your fireblast and phoenix flames. You sometimes fireblast even though you don't have heating up or when you already have hot streak. Same with phoenix flames. You're missing plenty of free pyroblasts cause of this. Also make sure your cooldowns/charges are rolling (as few phoenix flames (and meteors) were wasted on few fights.

4. Maybe a minor thing but squeezes you some extra DPS here and there. Make sure to utilize your shimmer more. It's a fantastic talent and if used well you hardly have to run at all (though I admit fire has quite a few instants which allows you to move without losing DPS).

Hopefully this helped you at all. I hope someone more capable than I validates my thoughts and maybe gives you better insights. Good luck.

(P.S. First post wohoo!)
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Re: some help

Unread postby z0nkey Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:16 pm

Jonezs pretty much hit the nail on the head.

All our damage stems from combustion's and pyroblasts so it is essential you're maximizing both of those areas at every opportunity.

Using a Fireblast or PF while moving once in a while is OK but only time them in a way that allows you to still have at least 2/3 charges for each combustion - do NOT use these cooldowns while hot streak is already active since you can use your instant-pyro instead of wasting PF or Fire blast in this situation.

Good luck!

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