returning mage - need some help!!

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returning mage - need some help!!

Unread postby RabinGomes Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:01 pm

Hi guys, lemme introduce myself, im Veltana, mage in the Tarren Mill server, ive been playing mage as main for almost a decade now and i absolutely love the class inside and out and always find myself back to my mage.

Now, ive had a little break (just before 7.2 launched) and got back a few weeks ago.

Ive been leveling up my mage a bit and got the t21 4set now(NM) and got myself to around ilvl 950.
Ive always been a fire mage whole legion and i love to play it, used to do alot of dps and
ended up somewhere in the top 100 for my server as mage on wowprogress iirc for 7.1

So, now im back, and my dps is absolute horseshit... and im getting rather tired of it.... heres the deal...

I think with my fire on ST i hit just below 100, on fights with aoe i outshine, but as u know there aint many aoe fights in antorus.
My legendaries are not the best, i got KJ/head/koralon as best for my fire. they not the best i know, my rng has been shiiiiit (still need 4 more leggos for fire n dont got shard or marqee), which didnt seem to ever been a problem before :/

Now, i tried other specs, frost, arcane, both grand me a bit of the same problems, for arcane i got the bis leggo ring and on ST i can hit above 100k (think 106 is best so far on first boss even)

Now, the thing is, i get kicked out of eeeeverything because of my lack on dps, this has been going on for weeks, if its not the first boss of antorus on, yes, normal mode, its after the second. (yes, on normal mode). Am i doing something terribly wrong or whats up here?

on fire i can get stats varying between:
crit : 45-53%
haste 24-27%
mastery 20-27%
Vers 4-8%

SP: 55 to 63k

im pretty much on my end here and just frustrated overall that i went from quite ok before to... this :/ so i thought id put a shoutout here and maybe someone can grand me some info. Maybe my stats are just not ok for the moment, or the legendaries are too important now?
All by all im tired i cant even do half of antorus raid without getting kicked, its not that im being a lazy player -.-

all by all, tnx for the read and replies that may come o/

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