Frost Mage bringing my team down

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Frost Mage bringing my team down

Unread postby Tiggi Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:53 am

Hello everyone I'm a bit perplexed at what I'm doing wrong I recently changed from running glacial spike build to TV and I'm getting destroyed on most fights by our lower geared mage. I don't want to let my team down and be a burden as we go into mythics. ... ljin/tiggi

One things that really perplexing to me is I was able to do fairly well in the DI encounter but otherwise I'm in the 60 percentile or much worse.

Any help would be great I know my haste is a bit low. I'm running 2 piece 19 and 4 piece 20.
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Re: Frost Mage bringing my team down

Unread postby Sadlo Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:19 pm

First Glance: Replace your 890 ring, losing too many stats. Farm some M+ to get a correctly itemized ring (base 910 from 15+). Since your tier 19 is so low iLvL, I would try to farm shoulders/pants. (Shoulders from MYTHIC tich--definately puggable) and pants from guldan.

Second Glance:
-You're not using ice lance enough
-Your crit % on ice lance is only 83%. You need 33% crit so that you have 100% crit on ice lance. If you have 33% crit, you're casting ice lance without FoF or BF and losing damage there.
-You must cast FoF ice lances first, then frost bolt->brain freeze (makes the frost bolt crit) ->UNEMPOWERED ice lance. This allows the frost bolt and the following ice lance to crit.
-For a bigger opener try this: Pre pot, Ebon->Flury-> ICY VEINS+Trinkets BEFORE FLURRY RESOLVES (doesn't use a global)->Ice lance->frost orb->etc

-if you're using owl trinket, you HAVE to line up owl with icy veins or its not worth it. This means you need lots of frost bolt crits to line this up and typically ONE icy veins relic.

hope this helps

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