Looking for some advice for frost

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Looking for some advice for frost

Unread postby Griffdwar Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:59 am

*Frost Main Spec*
*932|937 in bags Night Elf Mage*
I just have some general questions about frost for 7.3

I'm pretty experienced in frost currently but I just would like to have someone with more experience to check my gear/enchants or anything along those lines to let me know if I am doing anything wrong or if I should do anything differently.

At this time my mage on the armory is equipped with his fire set, I made sure to link my simc import string with all my current gear and gear in bags.

I have 34% crit, 24% haste, 42% mastery, and 8% vers.
I enchant all my rings with crit and gem for crit and I'm not entirely sure if that's what I should be doing with my current gear and since I'm over my shatter cap.
I also enchant my neck with Hiddne Satyr which I'm also not sure about.

Below is a list of some of my items in bags that I'd like input on to see if I should use any of them instead of my current gear.
955 Seal of Darkshire with 702 avoidance.
935 Lavadrip P'endant
935 Cloak of Mana-Spun Silk
925 Robe of Aqueous Command
925 Charm of Rising Tide with 583 leech
900 Tarnished Sentinel Medallion
{{I have full T20 heroic set with an upgraded pair of gloves which are 920 ilvl}}
Raidbots sim says my current equiped gear is not better than any of my items in bags, but I thought I'd double check since sims aren't 100% accurate.
Armory : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... ine/prease
Warcraftlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... ine/prease
SimC :


### Gear from Bags
# Crown of the Arcane Tempest (915)
# head=,id=147147,bonus_id=3562/1497/3528
# Lavadrip Pendant (935)
# neck=,id=137535,enchant_id=5439,bonus_id=3418/1587/3337
# Mantle of the Arcane Tempest (915)
# shoulder=,id=147150,bonus_id=3562/1497/3528
# Cloak of Mana-Spun Silk (935)
# back=,id=134410,enchant_id=5436,bonus_id=3418/1587/3337
# Robe of Aqueous Command (925)
# chest=,id=146994,bonus_id=3562/1507/3336
# Pyrotex Ignition Cloth (970)
# hands=,id=144355,bonus_id=1811/3570
# Koralon's Burning Touch (970)
# waist=,id=132454,bonus_id=3459/3570
# Sash of the Unredeemed (910)
# waist=,id=147423,bonus_id=3561/1492/3336
# Astonishingly Scarlet Slippers (870)
# feet=,id=142298,bonus_id=3410/1487/3528
# Terestian's Signet Ring (920)
# finger1=,id=142172,enchant_id=5427,gem_id=151580,bonus_id=3573/1808/1532/3336
# Seal of Darkshire Nobility (955)
# finger1=,id=142171,enchant_id=5429,bonus_id=3418/40/1572/3337
# Tarnished Sentinel Medallion (900)
# trinket1=,id=147017,bonus_id=3561/1482/3528
# Charm of the Rising Tide (925)
# trinket1=,id=147002,bonus_id=3562/41/1507/3336
# Philosopher's Stone (45)
# trinket1=,id=9149
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Re: Looking for some advice for frost

Unread postby Xinder Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:02 pm

Use raidbots.com. They have an option for best gear that can let you answer those questions.
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Re: Looking for some advice for frost

Unread postby Katsumi Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:51 am

Get close, but not over the crit cap. Any gem/enchant that puts you over I'd invest in your next best stat (in your case haste) to get full value out of it. Satyr is fine. Try to collect high pieces for non-set, non-legendary slots to have more options when simming around new gear.

In the long run I'd try to get a different pair of pants with no mastery and the same amout of crit and higher set shoulders. You could then replace the set pants and still keep the bonus. However, best would be to keep farming legendaries to run shard/bracers, farm Nighthold Mythic for T19 shoulders/pants or cloak/pants (having both T19 pieces at ilvl 900+ is fine, the set bonus is really strong) and then build T20 4pc around that. And use boots without mastery on them of course. Good luck!

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