[Fire] DPS Help lol

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[Fire] DPS Help lol

Unread postby Blackmagic Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:05 am

Hey guys, i'm sorry i'm dumping a book here! I've been pouring over logs, forum posts, Wow Analyzer data, and Raidbots and I can't seem to identify where i'm losing so much DPS. I sim at 1.75 but usually end at 1.4-1.5. I JUST got my bracers and acrid yesterday so ignore my DPS pre-Tuesday lol. I'm 960-963 equipped depending on what set i'm running. I also can't figure out why I see so many fire mages absolutely crushing me at my ilvl range.

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... lackmagiic

The following is a Vari comparison to a fire mage who is 964 on this kill to my 963. This is my highest ending DPS to date. Our stat split is as follows:

*His stats are in left column and in BLUE; I am right column and in RED.

Crit % 57.39 - 53.28
Haste % 14.11 - 24.79
Mastery % 26.64 - 19.4
Vers % 4.88 - 9.87

I have kept most every piece of gear I've accumulated since I started gearing and the above stat spread just so happens to be what Raidbots Topgear said was my best option.

Warcraft Comparison Link
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/co ... amage-done

Now that you know the data, here are my questions.

Da'faque am I doing wrong?


1) I noticed that his opener is much different than mine. He started with a Pyro into a Fireball rotation but I always open with a Pyro into Phoenix into my 3 Fire Blasts/Pyroblast spam then Fire Ball/Pyro spam so Fire Blast recharges for <90% combustion phase.

Am I screwing myself here somehow by not waiting for Pyrotechnics to stack up or waiting for Acrid stats or something else?

2) When Marq procs, I typically use the charge ASAP unless combustion is up very soon in which case I delay using it for 4-5 seconds to ensure I get it off to start my combust phase. If I can use the proc during my combust, I do. If I cannot, I just finish my normal combust rotation and use it immediately following combust ending.

Am I utilizing the bracers correctly or should I be sitting on them more or less than I am now? Any unspoken tricks that i'm unaware of here?

3) Until reviewing the above comparison, I have gone 100% off of what Raidbots/Simulation craft has said to do. With that being said, I manipulated my gear set to try and copy his stats as shown below.

*His stats are in left column and in BLUE; I am right column and in RED. The first RED column is with Bracers/Belt while the second RED column is with Bracers/Sephuz (Ring). That was the only way I could hit his Crit % currently. However, both of these two sample sets simmed at 1.69-1.7m on a 5 minute fight compared to my set at 1.75m.

Crit % 57.39 - 53 -- 57.58
Haste % 14.11 - 15.7 -- 19.24
Mastery % 26.64 - 26.95 -- 27.57
Vers % 4.88 - 5.04 -- 1.84

Does his 3%-4% crit really net him that much more damage than me?

4) When I plug this encounter into Wow Analyzer, it tells me I need to be casting more. 8.79% Downtime and 7.53% Cancelled casts. This is a consistent problem for me and i'm working on this as I get more in tune with the spec and the bracers utility.

However, when I plug him into the analyzer it saying he poorly managed his procs and combustion utility. He didn't cast combustion with two Fire Blasts ready once and only had two Phoenix charges for one combustion yet he is still cranking out much higher DPS than I am able to. He is very clearly the better mage but I can't see his logic for this.

Have I been sitting on my Fire Blast and Phoenix charges when I could have used them? I don't let them sit at 3 charges but I can't wrap my head around entering comb without the pyroblast barrage.

5) Just looking at the damage done and comparing Pyroblast and Ignite damage I can see he netted an easy 40million more ignite than I did, which is to be expected when he has 6%-7% more mastery than I do, but how is it that his Pyroblasts did "an average" of 300k DPS more than my Pyro?

I guess I ask such specific questions because I see things like what what I referenced in question #5 and it makes me feel like i'm missing something basic.

Thank you in advance for your time and any tips n'tricks y'all can provide! Sorry for the book haha!
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Re: [Fire] DPS Help lol

Unread postby qivive Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:34 pm

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for your DPS problem, but I want to draw your attention to your INT-Stats. Your competitor has a whopping 15k more int at the same ilvl.

When I did my noob research on Antoran High Command Stat weights I noticed that most logs have roughly 10k more int at the same gear level and I couldn't find an reason why the main stat had such giant gaps.

This should be the answer why his pyros hit harder than yours, but how does he achieve such INT-values? I do not know :(

When I looked at 20+ logs on a boss I found out that 90% of the top logs hat very high INT, almost 10-15k more stats in total. But its hard to tell how much is really a "problem". Being behind 5k INT doesn't seem to be a game breaker for dps. Blizzard sure has fucked up stat weights hard time in legion.

It's a nightmare...

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