Yet another fire mage DPS issue :(

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Yet another fire mage DPS issue :(

Unread postby Yonaz Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:07 am

So, I know fire isn't to be prefered before frost, but I like it and wanna stick to it. But I just can't seem to up my DPS. I'm 964 iLvl, 79 traits and I smell good. Shouldn't my DPS be better? Below is a link top my latest logs, a wipe on Argus HC.. ... e&source=7

What I do know : might do wrong, and work on fixing:

* Use Scorch more when moving
* Timing my proccs
* Fix talents perhaps?

My talents are: ... enor/yonaz

So, is fire a lost cause or do I miss anything?
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Re: Yet another fire mage DPS issue :(

Unread postby Sico Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:08 pm

I've take a fast look over your logs and have found some miss plays a fey minor optimizations.

The biggest issue you have is that u don't use your bracer proccs.

Flame Patch doesn't provide any single target benefits.

U sit sometimes a few seconds on a Hot Streak procc. (Way more then u need for a precast Fireball)

When u cast Combustion start with 1x phoenix and then Fireblast, then both are recharging.

It looks like you have some troubles for proccs usage, so i recommend u to play with firestarter.

RoP is also with 4 T21 the better option, but fix first the other troubles before u try the RoP playstyle.

I wish u the best phrases and hop i can help u a bit ;)

Best regards!

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