Torn between Troll and Nightborn?

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Torn between Troll and Nightborn?

Unread postby DeLivER Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:42 am

Hi everyone, so I was wondering what you guys were planning on for Horde racials for the start of BF? I usually play a hunter at a relatively high mythic raid level, but I've decided to come back for BFA and I think I'm gonna play mage because it seems very stable right now? I've been peaking around here to help myself get up to speed and just wanted to say that this place is awesome and I've been learning so much.

I know racials are always a minor thing and I've looked at the sims, but since I have a boost and can pick any race I want I'm sorta wracking my brain back and forth between these two?

It appears we're going to be playing a lot of frost at the onset of BFA, right? Which would make nightborn the optimal choice, but obviously, whenever we're going to be playing fire or arcane Troll's stock seems a rise a lot? From what I've been reading arcane seems to be in a bit of a bad place? So it seems like I'll likely be playing Frost/Fire?

Unfortunately, since I've just recently decided to return I don't have much beta experience, so I was wondering what specs you guys think we might be playing for the majority of the first raid / mythic +?

Also, if any other race I haven't mentioned stands out feel free to mention it. I just sort of thought those might be the two frontrunners, or maybe blood elf as well for the purge?
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Re: Torn between Troll and Nightborn?

Unread postby BathrobeJoe Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:37 pm

Unless you are in a guild that is in position to compete for top 100 world (based off your guilds recent placings), I wouldn't stress the "optimal" race to play in terms of numbers. Aesthetics, transmogs, casting animations, whatever makes you happy, etc. will lead to you enjoying the game much more than forcing yourself into a race based off top simulations.

I always have and always will play Undead because I enjoy everything about it aesthetically and it makes the game more enjoyable to me. Obviously, you may not care about all that and only care about numbers. In which case, you have figured the numbers part out. Nightborne for Frost. Troll for Fire/Arcane.
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Re: Torn between Troll and Nightborn?

Unread postby Frantik Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:03 am

Once you go troll, you never reroll :p
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Re: Torn between Troll and Nightborn?

Unread postby Julia Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:35 am

Races are not required to push world rankings at a world 100 rank at all, I doubt they care anywhere but top 10 and even there I don't know at times.

If you want to minmax look at the graphs in the sim dump posts that are stickied under each spec's sub forum. They currently represent prepatch and will be updated for BfA soon as Glynny is less busy IRL and once we're actually in BfA of course.

Keep in mind some racials are good at the end of expansions whilst others are only good at the start.
Hope this helped, if you want more imfo or a quick response, feel free to join us on discord in #questions ^.^
And most of all goodluck on your progress in Uldir.

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