Parse/Log Help For New Progression Raider

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Parse/Log Help For New Progression Raider

Unread postby Incapacity Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:55 pm

Hi all! I am new to the idea of progression raiding (raiding in general, have always been super-casual in WoW).

I have decided on Arcane Mage for the moment (I like the play-style over Frost), since Fire is not very viable at the moment (Fire being my favorite).

According to my logs (and I am still new on navigating logs), I am parsing a 14, which obviously is not ideal for my raid spot! Furthermore, I am near the bottom on most fights we have done so far - some fights I am within the upper half of the list, but not on our clears (4/8 Heroic Uldir atm).

Here are my logs, if any of you could offer some insight on how to improve, my raid spot will thank you kindly!

Taloc - ... &source=15
Zek'Voz - ... &source=10

There was hiccup on logging for Fetid, and Mother doesn't seem to be that great of an indicator since we have a lot of downtime waiting in other rooms.
Again, thank you guys again!

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