Frost: is the difference between TV and GS really worth learning how to replay my character?

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Frost: is the difference between TV and GS really worth learning how to replay my character?

Unread postby Merquise Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:19 pm

Hello everyone,

First, please let me say that if this topic has already been addressed in another post on the forums I am sorry because I have not been able to find it as it relates to BFA content. Secondly, one of the major reasons why I am making this post is to help explain my situation to you a little bit on these boards to help get a better understanding of my current limitations.

I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and I recently came back after a 5 year break for legion because of some of my real life friends. I can not believe I am sharing this on a public forum but I really want you guys to understand my situation so that you do not think that this is just another pointless post of someone asking for help without doing any reading. You see, I was born with a disability that makes it very hard for me to do certain things. I spend most of my time in a wheelchair and I play with a keyboard (even though I can use my mouse) but I am not great on things like quick targeting , quick movements in general are not something I am good with so that sometimes presents a problem when I play.

When I came back from Legion all of the friends that I had were over on the Horde side so I rolled a couple of serious characters to play for the first time in my life. I fell in love with the mage (even though I am far from the best at playing one) and found that Frost fit my play style more then the other 2 specs as it made my a little less squishy and allowed me to slow mobs down in some cases so that I would have more reaction time to deal with the mob coming after me and other things of that nature. Now I have issues with trash packs because having to use my mouse to cast blizzard is a pain, but that is another story for another day.

Anyway, after training my fingers for a Frost mage in legion (going with a TV build) I find myself with a question. As BFA launched more and more people were talking about GS. I have never played this build even though I have looked up videos on the topic, but every frost guide that I have looked at recommends GS for this expansion. I realize this might change down the line, but at this moment it is what it is. Now, I find myself wanting to try a GS build along with maybe adding comet storm into the mix to help with my AOE (currently running splitting Ice with my TV build) but I am nervous because that would mean that I would have to add more keys onto my bar (which is already full) as well as having to adjust my play style a bit.

With all of that said, my question stands, With the nerf to TV is there a big enough difference in overall DPS in BFA to justify possibly giving myself fits to try and do this? I wanted to explain my situation on here so that way I did not just get a bunch of Switch and "GET GUD" posts for people that do not understand what a big deal this is for me.

Anyway, Sorry for the long post (I can be a bit longwinded)

Merquise (The forgotten Frost Mage)
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Re: Frost: is the difference between TV and GS really worth learning how to replay my character?

Unread postby Laodi Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:09 am

Short Answer: Under your circumstances i would say no. It all depends on your overall goals (targeted raiddifficulty, only doing openworld/collecting stuff, PvP etc) but as long as u dont come to a point where u couldn't down a certain mob with your friends and 1% is missing u are totally fine with TV.
Sidenote: For your Blizzardproblem: U can write a macro with /cast [@cursor] Blizzard oder /cast [@target] Blizzard (i hope i remeber correctly, couldn't login currently) for casting Blizzard at the position of your mousecursor or at your current target. The later one should be the easiest way because u never have to aim anymore. Only downside is when the mob is not where u want Blizzard :)
Hope that helps

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