M+ questions (fire/DPS)

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M+ questions (fire/DPS)

Unread postby Herpie Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:42 am

Hi folks,
I am not really into mythic + except for recreative runs with guildies.
Ive been lazily taking pretty much the same talents as i do with raiding except taking FP or LB for dungeons. we arent running very high keys (7-8 is average).

LAtely ive been running more dungeons and been looking more seriously at talents for M+ and started favouring RoP. which is immediatly noticibly better than IF for me. Meteor over pyroclasm, very good for AoE. but still have questions:

(stat info: i am currently running with around 40% crit, 10% haste, 13% mastery and 2% versatility, am not immediatly gearing up for dungeons specifically, am not aiming to be top-player for M+, and i am not going to PuG, simply wanna get the most DPS out of current gear).

1) PHoenix flames - How much better is this for AoE? if i sim AoE for 3 targets it is only a slight increase over flame on. And a similar loss for ST. Is phoenix flames worth it in M+ or is it a matter of personal preference.

2) Using Flame patch (which sims a lot better than LB for me) how do you rotate? Flamestrike on every hotstreak proc? or flamestrike on hotstreak, then pyroblast on hotstreak until patch runs out, followed by new flamestrikes?

3) With RoP i figured setup would be to slow to benefit from firestarter, so i pick searing touch (as i do in raid). is this correct? or is pyromaniac worth investigating as well?

4) any other tips/trick for DPS in M+ as fire?

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