Fire Mage dps problems

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Fire Mage dps problems

Unread postby charliemagee Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:06 pm

Im finding it hard to see what im doing wrong. Im not doing as much dps as im supposed to. but still doing as much as the other mage in the guild. But our RL wants to know why im not pushing the numbers that i should. I've watched several videos about fire, read guides and such. But i cant put my finger on why im not doing as much as i should.

My ignite dmg is 50% lower then most other fire mages. Why?

What i've concluded is that i miss to do meteor at the right time/not cast it enough. But this is mostly cause of movements and such within the fight and me not wanting to use it wrong. aka, i have it up for x seconds b4 i can ROP/get 3 BM stacks. and that in total concludes that wow analyzer says i did x/y casts. Wich my RL sees as "you didnt cast meteor enough." ... arliemagee

Plz help me. and give me pointers. Im at this moment standin on a dummy practicing openers and rotations.

Regards Charlie
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Re: Fire Mage dps problems

Unread postby Dorovon Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:40 pm

It looks like your main problems are with executing the right sequence of actions during Combustion, using your Rune of Power and Meteor spells incorrectly in some cases, and general downtime issues.

Here is your most recent kill on Mythic Sivara ... e/timeline

Because of the significant portion of your damage that comes directly from your Combustions, using them properly is extremely important to your overall DPS. The following is an example of what a Combustion should generally look like during Bloodlust with the Memory of Lucid Dreams major effect and the Hyperthread Wristwraps.

Now let's look at the two Combustions from your Mythic Sivara kill.
The significant problems in this Combustion are as follows:
  • Meteor is not used during Combustion at all. You should use it immediately following Rune of Power.
  • You used Berserking a little too early. It lasts 12 seconds, so there is some flexibility, but you want to make sure it lasts the entire Combustion window. Generally, you can just use it when you cast Combustion after casting Meteor.
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams is used after Rune of Power. You should use it before casting Rune of Power.
  • There are about two full seconds between the end of your Rune of Power cast and your first damaging spell. Part of this is due to Memory of Lucid Dreams triggering a GCD, but a lot of it is just downtime.
  • You have a period of downtime between two Pyroblasts when you are using your Hyperthread Wristwraps. You should try to use it immediately following a Fire Blast cast during the GCD of a Pyroblast.
  • There is over a second of downtime at the end of your Combustion. You should be doing something damaging there, even if it's just casting a Scorch or a Dragon's Breath.
The significant amount of downtime and lack of Meteor are causing your Combustion damage to be very low. This is a huge reason why you are seeing low Ignite damage compared to other mages.

The same problems as above generally apply here. Additionally:
  • You didn't save enough Fire Blasts for this Combustion and had to use Scorch early.
Rune of Power and Meteor
One Rune of Power and one Meteor should always be used with Combustion. Outside of that, there is some flexibility in how you use them. The general pattern that I would recommend following when you do not need to specifically adjust them for a fight is:
Rune of Power + Meteor + Combustion -> Rune of Power immediately after Combustion -> Rune of Power + Meteor when they are ready
This pattern will then repeat on a cycle. You should not use Meteor if it will not be ready for Combustion and the cooldown of Rune of Power will line up so that you are not wasting any charges by saving two for Combustion.
You generally do a good job of always using Meteor with a Rune of Power, but you aren't using it in Combustion and are sometimes missing the opportunity to use it in Combustion because of instances like this where you use Meteor less than 45 seconds before Combustion is ready:

Additionally, do not worry about BM stacks when using Meteor. If you follow the above pattern for Combustion, that Meteor will land at 2-3 stacks. Outside of Combustion, do not worrying about landing Meteor at high BM stacks at all. Just use it with your Rune of Power.

General Downtime
There are periods like this that happen in your logs:

While some downtime can be unavoidable due to dealing with fight mechanics, you want to minimize this as much as possible and at least be casting Scorch while handling mechanics.
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Re: Fire Mage dps problems

Unread postby charliemagee Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:58 pm

Thx alot man! Will make sure i think of this next raid.

Ur the best!
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Re: Fire Mage dps problems

Unread postby Synkronized Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:15 pm

This seems to answer my question regarding Meteor and Rune of Power as well.

But I want to clarify just in case: It's optimal to use Meteor + Rune only once between Lucid + Combustion rounds. Instead of using it twice and missing a Combustion empowered Meteor? It just feels odd since Meteor can be off Cooldown for a good 30 seconds between the next Combustion cycle.

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