What is your favorite race and why?

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What is your favorite race and why?

Unread postby MarkTaylor Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:04 pm

I ask to know about what is your favorite race, not necessary the one you like to play, but the one with a variety of details and backgrounds that you like. Like the lore based world-building aspects of it like the culture, mythology, history, themed music, and overall characteristics that you find appealing.

For my example I can go like this: My favorite races are Draenei, Trolls, and Pandaren.

I like each because of their rich history and culture and how they are often based on an admixture of irl cultures.

For the Draenei they seem to be based on ancient biblical jews, hindus, middle-eastern, greek, and slavic cultures and history. They are a group of highly spiritual scholars (jews, hindus, greeks, and middle-easterners) and speak in a russian sounding accent (slavic). I also like the musical theme for them, I like the middle-eastern/indian feel on their starting zone and how it feel tranquil and mysterious. They are a mishmash of many different cultures that make them my no.1 favorite. https://scrabblewordfinder.vip https://www.applock.ooo https://www.7zip.vip

For the Trolls, particularly Jungle ones, they are a mixture of 3 different cultures, West African voodoo, Pre-Columbian civilization, and Afro-Caribbean accents. I like how they are like Mayans/Aztecs with Jamaican Accents and practice voodoo as their religion. Two irl cultures that are based on primal tribalism mixed with stone aged civilizations, I like it. For the musical theme, it learned that they used turkish and yugoslavic instruments to make their theme so I guess I could add the fact they're part turkish into the mix as well.

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