[Fire] Need guidance on Hyperthread Wristwraps.

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[Fire] Need guidance on Hyperthread Wristwraps.

Unread postby Envy Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:27 pm

Hey guys, I noticed whilst trying frost that there's an APL string/snippet/code that eliminates ice lance from the sim. My question is, is there anything similar I can use that tells Raidbots how important Hyperthread Wristwraps is to my build? In principle, My current ilevel is 447, 3xBlaster Master, with trash-tier haste%. My current Hyperthreads are 435.

And on that note, is there any condition in which Wristwraps become less important? Does it have lower priority than a significant ilevel increase, strong stats, strong corruption?

Thanks for any clarity.

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Re: [Fire] Need guidance on Hyperthread Wristwraps.

Unread postby Karrypto Tue Mar 10, 2020 1:55 pm


to answer your first question:

I don't know of a similar tool for that you described for frost, however using raidbots you could always run a sim with a second gearset without Hyperthreads.

Regarding the the importance, there is a reason all guides advise to use Hyperthreads. They scale exceptionally well with Blaster Master.

Since most of our dps is created in bursts during our combustion window, having a longer uptime on the mastery buff and pushing out as many instant pyros as possible has top priority in creating a large ignite dot, which is where most of our burst comes from.

Builds without Blaster Master do come somewhat close right now, mostly because of the ridicoulus strength of corruptions. But that comes at the cost of managing...well the corruption.

For any build utilizing Blaster Master, Hyperthreads are integral if you want to be competitive with it.

However, I can't understate enough that the correct managing of the on-use-effect is SO MUCH MORE important than the ilvl of the Hyperthreads. The effect doesn't scale with ilvl, so the effective difference between your 435's and M+15 475's is just a flat primary stat boost.

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