[Fire] Which Endurance conduit? (Fae)

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[Fire] Which Endurance conduit? (Fae)

Unread postby Sickbrain Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:52 pm

Hey, which one of these two conduits is best do you think?

Diverted Energy vs Tempest Barrier

From WowHead it says 1st is best:
Sounds better than it is. The percentage it heals is taken from the damage absorbed. This means that at 25% it can heal up to 5% of your max health. Only useful when in situations with consistent damage or limited healing. Even then, Tempest Barrier is likely a better option.
While IcyVeins just simply says Tempest Barrier.

Checking top rio fire mages, I see most people going for Tempest Barrier so i'm quite divided.

I know it doesn't matter DPS wise, but I believe it do matter in raid situations due to healer pressure. Even though we mages have quite the absorb spells.

So, what's your professional opinion on the matter?


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