[US][H] Exalted 11/13M 7-10pm EST LF Range

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[US][H] Exalted 11/13M 7-10pm EST LF Range

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Hello community of Altered time!

Exalted is now a 20 man guild that has been around or its previous iteration (Affinity) since the beginning of World of Warcraft. We're an adult guild and place an emphasis on maturity. Our guild prides itself on it's very low turnover of players, and more, on keeping drama away from WoW, and in bad harlequin romance novels where it belongs. We like to emphasis on having a stable core of raiders for progression, which means that reliability is incredibly important. If you say you're going to be there that night, then you do what you can to be there and be on time, and, most importantly, if something does come up, you warn us.

Our Raid times are: 7-10pm EST Tues/Thurs/Sun.
Our main need are as follow:

Shadow priest

Must have a good dps offspec as well

Good stuff:
Realm First Mythic Mar'gok

Three times a week with 3 hours may not allow us to be the very first to clear content, but we are never near the last. Our progression/hour raided is excellent. We may be fairly light and joking when we're not raiding, but during our raids, we like to do things right. If you're applying with missing gem, glyphs or enchants because you don't think you need one/do the effort for them, you probably want to look elsewhere.

How to apply
You can apply directly by registering on our forum and posting in the application section or you can contact our officers in game, or send them a private message on our forum at http://exalted-runetotem.guildlaunch.com" target="_blank for additional information or just to get to know the guild.

Diamondtear: Guild master/recruitment officer
Hazin: Raid leader

If you have any questions feel free to add my battletag: Diamondtear#1697, I'll gladly answer all your questions

7/7M Highmaul
10/10M BRF
11/13M HFC

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