[US][H] <Seraph> Team Hallowed Ground (9/13M HFC)

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[US][H] <Seraph> Team Hallowed Ground (9/13M HFC)

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Website: http://seraphguild.com/" target="_blank

<Seraph> Hallowed Ground:
Raid 5 of the guild Seraph is currently looking for exceptional range dps players to join our team. Specifically we're looking for two decent mages to do mechanics. We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and looking to exorcise Xhul'Horac and steal Tyrant's Hammer.

Team Progression
9/13M Hellfire Citadel

Benefits of Seraph
Raid Security:
Switching schedules for work is a lot less stressful when there's 9 teams that raid at different times. Two week notice in advance preferred.
Guild Security:
Active players don't have to fear that this guild will die over night like a lot of guilds have been doing as of late. Seraph has been around for 6 years and has a large player base.
Alt Runs:
A lot better than pugging for your alts.
Seraph has its own forums with active threads about in game and out of game topics.

Hallowed Ground is a late night weekend raid team that raids Friday/Saturday from 11:00PM CST to 2:00AM CST. As part of the guild Seraph, we primarily accept players over the age of 18. Under-age players considered only after extensive mumble interview.

R5 Recruitment Officer: chrizesu#1614
R5 Raid Leaders: Railyn#1634 and maninwhite#1227

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