[EU][A] <Lore> Quel'Thalas - 11/13M looking for a mage!

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[EU][A] <Lore> Quel'Thalas - 11/13M looking for a mage!

Unread postby Valein Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:11 am

Two nights a week raiding guild -

Lore of Quel'thalas is an Alliance raiding guild started by a group of friends in Cata, seeking to create a friendly yet serious raiding environment. We have been raiding Wednesday and Thursday nights since January 2012, without fail.

Because we have a light schedule we expect full effort and commitment from the whole team, in preparation for and during raids. We take raiding seriously whilst still having fun.

We strive to achieve solid progress while sticking to a 6½ hour/week raiding schedule.


We are currently recruiting a Holy Paladin and 1 dps to join us for the rest of the expansion and head into Legion with. For the final DPS spot, the player is as important as the class, but ideally we are looking for one of the following:

- High Priority

- High Priority

- Medium Priority

Death Knight(DPS)
- Medium Priority

All applicants should have experience of high end current content on their toon,
Find our raiding days suitable for them,
Be pleasant, positive and free from drama,
Be looking for a long-term home :)

We run a friendly DKP loot system, ensuring a fair loot share for all : Drama will not be entertained.

Is Lore the right guild for you?

Are you looking for a stable no-drama raiding environment?
Are you available almost every Wednesday/Thursday raid without fail?
Do you have solid experience with your class and spec?
Do you have Mythic raiding experience?
Are you able to uphold our values of preparing for the content and respecting each other?

If your answers are all yes, apply at: http://tinyurl.com/applicationlore" target="_blank


Our raid times during progression are:

Wednesdays 19:45 to 23:00 server time. (CET)
Thursdays 19:45 to 23:00 server time.


For more info feel free to poke our officer Haseo for a chat: HasTaz#2722 ,
post here in this thread,
or apply at loreqt.enjin.com to join the fun!
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Re: [EU][A] <Lore> Quel'Thalas - 11/13M looking for a mage!

Unread postby mrckrett Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:10 am

hi I am a mage andI I'm interested although I have no raid experience a couple nights a week sounds fun to me

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