[US][A]<Euphoric> 12/13 Mythic-Archi 0.9% Thurs/Sun LF Mage

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[US][A]<Euphoric> 12/13 Mythic-Archi 0.9% Thurs/Sun LF Mage

Unread postby Broccoliz Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:31 pm

(Add Cindy#1821 to talk in game - we'd love to try you out)

Our raid team has been topping charts throughout MoP and is looking to continue to dominate PVE on our servers in WoD. Not only are we dedicated, loyal, skilled, and professional players - we also have a blast doing it. If you are looking for a progression focused group that also loves the game and fosters an epic team attitude, we may be a great fit for you if you have what it takes. (Liking bacon is always a plus). And unlike other guilds that may fade in and out, we have been here for years and are not going anywhere.

For information in web format, check out our website:
http://euphoricwow.wix.com/guild" target="_blank

Score So Far:
12/13 Mythic HFC
(Archi consistently to last phase, 28%)

Currently Recruiting (in priority order):
- Mage
- All other exceptional range DPS (to be considered core heroic / rotating in mythic)

Raid Times:
Thursday and Sunday at 7:30 CST (3 hour raid)

We have the expectations and results of a high end raiding guild without the 3+ raid nights a week. If you are looking to progress quickly, enjoy time spent with a close knit group of solid raiders, and grab some loot along the way - come join us, we are what you have been searching for.

Feel free to message me here or in game for more information (btag is Cindy#1821). I would love to talk and ensure we are a great fit for one another.

Happy Raiding!

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