[US][H - Mal'ganis] Praelium 13/13M LF mage

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[US][H - Mal'ganis] Praelium 13/13M LF mage

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About Praelium
Praelium is one of the prime time teams in Seraph that is composed of top performing players who are dedicated to Mythic raiding. We are always looking to improve and prune as necessary while maintaining a fun but progression focused group. We strive to be a progression raiding team on a 9 hours per week schedule and are seeking like-minded individuals who are prepared to put in the effort for the challenge that is Mythic raiding. If you join our team, you can expect to be held to high standards of performance and accountability.

13/13M, 13/13 H, 13/13N Hellfire Citadel (US 194)
8/10 M, 10/10H Blackrock Foundry

Raid Times
Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7 PM to 10:00 PM CST

We will be using Loot Council for the item distribution system.

Seraph has an 18+ age policy due to the maturity of the guild atmosphere. If underaged raiders want to apply, an additional interview must be conducted.

Apply at SeraphGuild.com and specify your interest in Praelium (Raid 6). Even if your class/spec is not listed, all outstanding applicants will be considered.

What we ask of our raiders :

Know what mechanics are coming and be ready to fill a specific role for the fight. Always assume that you are going to be chosen for it and know what to do.
Know your class ; Research what you can do on specific fights to be better. Talents, movement, spell usage, etc.
A good mentality ; When you make a mistake, own up to it and get better. If advice is given, take it as constructive criticism and learn.
What you can expect from us :

Being part of a huge guild (6 raid teams) there are always people to hang out with or run alt raids, achievements, legacy runs, or other activities.
An understanding that sometimes, real life will impact attendance. Let us know in advance if you have to miss a raid night!
There are always good resources to talk to as far as classes and encounters go, we love to nerd it up and improve ourselves. You will find discussion on the forums and guildies are helpful when asked for pointers.
Expect us to be prepared and be held on the same standards that are mentioned above.
Reach the officer team for more specifics at :

Contact info
Covial#1313 Officer
Volkun #1849 Recruitment Officer

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