[EU-Eng] [H] <Downus Bossicus> 7/7hc Eu-Draenor

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[EU-Eng] [H] <Downus Bossicus> 7/7hc Eu-Draenor

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Downus bossicus is a guild made up from people from all over europe, spanning from italy to finnland, we're 14 Raiders atm and we need more to hit up the raid difficulty known as mythic.!

We in Downus Bossicus are currently on the lookout for:

1-2 Arcane/fire Mages.
1-2 hunters.
And a solid Holy paladin.

We Raid Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday 20:00-23:00

We're currently clearing both Normal and Heroic within wednesday's raidhours.
So the only thing holding us back from progressing in mythic is numbers.

If you want to start from scratch in mythic with a bunch of awesome dudes and dudettes, Manage to do your own prep before raids, read up on strats etc, know how to play your class and want to be in a serious but fun raiding guild?
Check us out on: http://downusbossicus.enjin.com/home" target="_blank and leave an application.

Or if you have any questions you can add me on bnet: makkin88#2476

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