[US][A]Kel'Thuzad Deathnote 4/7M

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[US][A]Kel'Thuzad Deathnote 4/7M

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About Us
Very active laid back adult mature players who enjoy slaying internet dragons. The focus of our guild is to progress as best we can in our 2 Night - 6hr a week raid times. This means we are not looking to carry the raid mechanic challenged or low DPS. Looking for the best players that are maybe being held back by friends being carried or lower tier players in their guild. We have been in Mythic EN for a couple of weeks now and are looking to be one of Kel'Thuzads top mythic raiding guilds.

What we're looking for
Players of all classes that are always looking to improve their class for Mythic Progression. This includes using forums, discord, analyzing logs and running Mythic's on off nights. We expect our raid team to show up on time with the right consumables and prior knowledge of the fights we're working on. Looking for 80%+ Parsing players for core raid slots on our team.

Current Openings
Mage Fire/Arcane/Frost
Deathknight (UH/FROST with Blood OS)

Raid Times
Tuesday and Thursday 8:45pm to 12:00am Server (MST)
*Potential moving to 3 night for Nighthold progression

Current Progression
4/7M Emerald Nightmare
2/3H ToV
7/7H Emerald Nightmare

Interview Process
Simple chat in discord and it is highly preferred if you have logs. If you're a skilled player - we want you!

If interested please post below or PM me directly Robbilee#1782

Love, Vvheelchair

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