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[H][EU][Bronze Dragonflight - Nordrassil] <The Nefarious>

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[H][EU][Bronze Dragonflight - Nordrassil] <The Nefarious> Looking for raiding players!

Hey there!

We are looking for players to fill our raiding roster. We are a guild focused on progression while still having fun and keeping social aspects of the guild.
We were 7/7 M EN, and currently are 8/10 H NH. Our raiding schedule is: Thu, Sun, Tue from 8PM to 11PM ST, and raiders are expected to make at least two of those per week.
We are very friendly guild, where we all work together towards our goals. We like to have a laugh, but we are also focused on getting tactics right and killing the bosses.

Currently we are in need of a tank and a couple of healers, but will consider any good players.
We are looking for English speaking players with Discord. You have to be at least 875 ilvl, have time and willingness to learn tactics and improve yourself.
If you have not raided before, or you had a long break, do not worry about it. We will still consider your application seriously.

To apply, simply go to http://nefarious.wtf" target="_blank or message us in-game: Doobyman or Degenerate. Our B.Net tags are Dooby#2708 and Degen#21501.

We look forward to meeting you!

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