Kicked from Classic Dungeon for being new

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Kicked from Classic Dungeon for being new

Unread postby RichardSmith Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:10 pm

I am a bit late to the wow party having only levelled my first ever character (a mage) in the past weeks to lvl 30. I’ve been exploring the world and absorbing all the amazing features and thought I would try a dungeon. I queue up for 5 mins and find a group. We defeat the first boss and move to the next.

Someone in the party then asks me if I’m a bot. Being unsure of whether I am doing something wrong I let them know that I am new to wow and would appreciate any tips. I am immediately kicked from the dungeon and need to wait to queue again.

I am hoping for some feedback to let me know how to do better because the dungeon was fun for the 5 minutes spent in there and I don’t understand what I was doing wrong.tweakbox appvalley

It felt quite disheartening and I hope the wow community is not like this all the time because I’ve been enjoying the game so far.

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