Nightorb kill timer WA

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Nightorb kill timer WA

Unread postby Raggamasta Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:00 pm

My guild reached the last phase on Mythic Guldan and since I'm on the nightorb tanking duty I created a WA that helps with nightorb kill timings." target="_blank

It creates two bars, one for the Visions of the Dark Titan and other one for the Nightorb health decay countdown. All you need to do is /focus the nightorb to see the progress bar and then dps the nightorb until both bars are close to eachother. Afther that the nightorb decay will match the Visions of the Dark Titan cast timer.

My raid is on Monday and I can then test it myself, but if anyone wants to test it themselves then I'd appreciate the feedback.

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