Spellsteal Weakaura

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Spellsteal Weakaura

Unread postby Resonance Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:02 am

Hey guys

I’m looking for a specific WA for Spellsteal:
I want to track the stolen buffs as separate icons. I’ve tried the “above average” one on here (viewtopic.php?t=2972) and a couple of others from wago.
I also tried to write it myself, as it probably needs to be simillar to the trigger of the text indicator linked above. I was able to display the icon of the stolen aura using UNIT_AURA or what it’s called, but I couldn’t get the progress timer out of it nor have multiple icons if I stole more than one buff.

I thought maybe someone has already created such a thing, otherwise I’ll have to code it myself.


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