Recent Spambot Activity

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Recent Spambot Activity

Unread postby Komma Wed May 02, 2018 6:24 am

The staff of Altered Time have been made aware of increased spambot activity as of late. :evil: As our current registration system uses a spambot prevention feature based on World of Warcraft and Mage Q&A, we can only conclude that even the bots are somehow getting better at WoW and Mages. :lol: As a result, the staff are working on fortifying the spambot countermeasures.

In the meanwhile, please continue to report any spam to moderators in Discord (Hall of the Guardians), or through private messages to site Administrators.
You can access the Hall of the Guardians Discord through the link at the top, or here:
Admin of Altered Time.

Have an issue with the website or moderation? Send me a PM!

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