*Rattles a Tin Can* Tips & Donations Please!

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*Rattles a Tin Can* Tips & Donations Please!

Unread postby Akraen Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:01 pm

Hi Everyone, its Akraen von Hastehausen here (thanks to my IRC nickname) and I'm basically here to beg. Well, not exactly beg, but share some info and hopefully encourage some of you to chip in a little bit to the cause.

As you all know, we did not want this website to be guided by ads or become a popularity contest. It is our philosophy here at Altered Time that the quality of information and the environment which it is discussed is only maintained when we do not have to cater to post counts and page visits. This has proven quite true as the community here has grown rapidly and wonderfully with some of the best and brightest arcane minds in the world.

Now I will share with you all some transparent data which indicates the wonderful growth of Altered Time and the trend we anticipate to continue as new tiers, patches, and expansions continue to be released and mages join the crowdthink (or in my case, insane conjectures on IRC).
That's faster growth than four haste-stacked arcane blasts during Time Warp!

Exciting stuff - but with that growth comes costs and we founders are not necessarily posh uber 1%'ers. We'll do everything we can to always keep up with it, but given our own debts and obligations (Kver's a student, I have student loans, Dutch is... a magoz?), we are asking for donations to pay for current and upcoming costs as well as potentially add new stuff to make our forum, website, and chat even better and more accessible.

I can say for sure that without such a great mage community like you guys I would not still be here. It's finding and bonding with an international group of shared passion that brings a new dimension of life and wonder to Warcraft and beyond.

So whether it's 1€, $1, £1, 1৳ or ريال1 (for our Bangladeshian and Iranian mages), any amount is a huge help and greatly appreciated from your admin team! Thanks folks!!
-Akraen, Dutchmagoz, Kver, Komma & All the mods and members of Altered Time
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Re: *Rattles a Tin Can* Tips & Donations Please!

Unread postby Chev Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:12 pm

If the "Donate Here" link is not working for you, the yellow "Donate" button in the title image works.
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Re: *Rattles a Tin Can* Tips & Donations Please!

Unread postby Berlinia Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:09 pm

"some of the best and brightest arcane minds in the world"
As always using his words in a very specific and well thought way :P

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