To clarify some stuff with dps, stats and gear

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To clarify some stuff with dps, stats and gear

Unread postby igorek Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:40 pm

Hello everyone. Firsty, I am sorry for my grammar, I'll try to google words, but I cant promise a 100% succes. And that is another "help me with dps" theme along side with my questions, so great THANK YOU for helping and comming by.

Obviously everyone want to have good dps, so I was loocking in warcraft logs for a long time now, and that helped me to be a little better with my rotation, but I'm still not satisfied with it. And I dont know what to blame.
My hands, for not pressing right buttons?
My gear, for not giving my good enough stats?(There is another big issue. In game I have crit-42, haste-25, mast-34, vers-10, but in armory and wlogs numbers are a little different: crit-38, h-19, m-29, v-10. what shoud I believe?
Or its all in rng, and i'm just not lucky enough with AM.
I use raidbots simcrat. and with him I also not sure if I should wear only TOP GEAR that he suggest with max damage (its 2,042 kk), or the set that give me better stats (that is what i'm currently wearing and should be in armory. It sims for 2,030 kk damage. that 11k less, and may be a funny number, compared with 2kk, but still uncomfortable to see.).
I only have heroic runs in antorus. Dogs, and shivarras are just a mess(even though it looks purple, I dont have more than blue numbers on them). But al least i want good results on st bosses, that would mean that I need to work on my movements.

Also with wlogs, people use different rotations after burst. Some use mini burst with RoP+barrage+Charged Up and hopefully 3 AM, than RoP+AP, and some use mini burst MoA+RoP+PresofMind, than NOT use AP, but wait for MoA come of cd and use all big burst like in the start of the fight.
I tryed all kinds of rotations in classholl and I coundt see much diifference(again rng. sometime in first burst I got only 1 proc of AM)

Here is my links. Stats I writed above, because its always refreshing in wierd moments. ... 0%B8%D0%BD

Thank you for your time, it is really appreciated.
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Re: To clarify some stuff with dps, stats and gear

Unread postby magictricks Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:42 am

you do a mini burn when there is no way to get extra damage or the full damage on your next AP, like if the mob takes extra damage, you have 2 mobs side by side, a haste buff, or you might have to move during ap or delay it for 10+ second to get full burn ect.

A lot of arcane dps is luck, if you get a lot of AMs and crits you will pull sick numbers.
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Re: To clarify some stuff with dps, stats and gear

Unread postby JordanBrann Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:26 am

So frost off you are going to want to follow your in game stats over armory. I’m not sure why armory lists different percentages. When it comes to secondary stats all of them are going to be roughly equal. There no soft or hard caps to hit. With the tier 21 4 piece haste takes a bit more importance over the other ones. So generally you want 35% haste, 30ish crit, mastery isn’t very valuable but it’s not horrible so whatever mastery you get will be passive, and as much vers as you can hit. I usually don’t tend to drop below 30% crit and 12% vers.

Gear wise the higher ilvl you can get on your best pieces of gear the better. Arcane tends to do better end expansion because the higher intellect scales better for arcane than frost or fire. In terms of damage arcane is a very front loaded spec. The majority of your damage will come from your burst windows. It’s not uncommon to have massive openers and then slowly fall back down the meters and then climb again once your hurts window comes up. Arcane missiles won’t make or break your dps. You won’t do horrible if you don’t get many procs but they certainly help. You should strive for the arcane missile proc chance relics followed by arcane power duration increase.

In heavy movement fights to help your dps its all about watching the boss timers. Don’t throw down a RoP if you are going to have to move. Save it for when you can stay in range of it. Likewise with mana, If you are about to have to move across the room you can conserve your mana a bit more and burn right before you move so you can evocate kn the move so you’re not wasting time.

If you have any specific questions let me know. Here is a link to my logs if you wanna check me out ... /wiggyshua

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