Parsing for Heroic/Mythic progression.

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Parsing for Heroic/Mythic progression.

Unread postby Bibbs Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:21 am

Hey guys.

So this is the first time I'm legit putting my time into a progression guild as a Dps and I could use some help if it's possible. I'm not parsing very high as arcane and I'm willing to take any criticism that I can to better myself for my raid group. I'm going to link our logs for the first two nights doing normal and the first boss in heroic. I must be really f****** some things up.

Thanks in advance guys,

(Night 1 Normal)

(Night 2 Last boss normal/ 1st boss Heroic)
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Re: Parsing for Heroic/Mythic progression.

Unread postby Bôw Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:33 am

Hi, i can see for example on Taloc Normal, some problems :
- You don't use RoP enough, i suppose you are keeping stacks for your burn phase but you should never stack 2 RoP except if your burn phase is about to begin,
- You launch your second burn phase just before the BL, you always have to do one of your burn phase during the BL,
- Arcane Power have a CD of 1,5min, so you should using it when Cd is up (with RoP, Presen Of Mind and Charged Up (if talented)).

I did not look at others logs but i think you can firstly use those advices.

Hope my english isn't so bad.
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Re: Parsing for Heroic/Mythic progression.

Unread postby Bibbs Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:52 pm

Thanks my man! I appreciate the info. I'm gonna be working on that. Your English is fine by the way.
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Re: Parsing for Heroic/Mythic progression.

Unread postby randytaylor Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:46 am

Arcane requires a little more planning so going into encounters without like playing on beta or whatever, you don't really have those windows down where you can maximize your dps. It's especially important because the fights that you would probably prefer Arcane on do still have some movement mechanics or interruptions that you can't entirely negate. Any movement at all drops Arcane quite a lot. I like to have some onscreen notes, or ingame notes to refine my personal strategy throughout an encounter and also type the mistakes I make as well so I'm confirming it to myself. Write down timing windows, keep track of boss hp and fight length, when a dmg buff mechanic will go out, when you're lusting. If everyone is good then normal is probably just getting blown up and you just have to hope you don't get a mechanic that makes you move so you can turret. That's where you should have your class fundamentals down to fall back on when you're kind of freestyling an encounter the first several pulls. Know your priorities, and conditions and make sure they line up with what's happening in the fight.

And looking at your logs the first thing I see is you have a macro that blows everything with Arcane Power. You should have Arcane Power separate from everything else and you should save Presence of Mind if you're able to squeeze in those last 2 globals before AP is gone. I guess the PoM thing depends heavily on haste, however AP triggers GCD so you're wasting time on your trinket/berserking. Have the Trinket/Berserking on a separate bind and use it after the GCD of AP.

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