Weird lag in between casts, making Azurethos trinket useless

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Weird lag in between casts, making Azurethos trinket useless

Unread postby Bananenbernd Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:53 am

Hello fellow mages,
since the Altered Time Discord thinks I am crazy and executing wrong, I am trying my luck here.

TL;DR: Raidbots is getting an 8th Arcane Blast out of using my "Azurethos' Singed Plumage"-trinket during the ten seconds of Arcane Power, which I cannot reproduce, greatly reducing the trinket's value.

Raidbots casts Arcane Power => 6x Arcane Blast => Presence of Mind => 2x instant Arcane Blast. All those 8 ABs fit within Arcane Power. ... CE4XC/simc (PoM usage at 0:12.717)

This is me, failing to reproduce it. If you compare numbers, you can see my delay between casts is higher. ... iew=events

And now to the "best" part:
I can fit in 6x harcasted AB + 1x instant AB without even using the Trinket, rendering it nearly useless compared to a second passive trinket. ... s&source=3

Since this already did cost me half a day, here's a FAQ:
Why don't you hardcast 7x AB and squeeze in the 8th Arcane Blast as instant cast?
- I cannot hardcast seven ABs within one AP
Do you have lag? Did you try increasing the duration you can queue your spells?
- My latency hovers around 40 ms home and 20 ms world. My max queue duration was already set to it's max 400 ms before i started to test this stuff.
How high is your base haste? The spreadsheet says eight casts are possible.
- This evening I had 8% haste without the trinket's active, pushing me to 26% on use. I since then swapped 3% crit for 3% haste (best offstat for worst offstat), which did not help at all.
Are you executing wrong? Your delay between casts is higher than Raidbots', even though it factores in latency.
- After a solid 100 dummy pulls I can assure you, i can not reduce the time between my two instant Arcane Blasts below 1300ms. Raidbots pulls off 1200 ms.
Are you really failing to execute the one button spec?
- Yes, I only went slightly insane today, pls send halp.

On another note: The Charged Up (Talent) Bug other's were getting mocked for is very much real. My dummy pulls happened in the Legion mage class hall. When using Charged Up outside of Combat, I am getting only three instead of four charges about 20% of the time. Sadly i did not document exact numbers. Being infight (as you should be anyway during raid- but not m+ pulls), this bug does not occur.

Edit: I also tried giving the Trinket it's own bind over using it as a macro, effectively getting like 75% of a GCDs duration more of the initial haste increase without it's falloff (just the way the Azurethos trinket works) and eliminated the "failed execution" people were assuming (even though i posted logs), by using a Presence of Mind + Arcane Blast Macro, which obviously did not change shit.

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