Having trouble pulling numbers in raid.

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Having trouble pulling numbers in raid.

Unread postby B1ackdahlia Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:14 pm

Hey everyone, new to altered time and relatively new to arcane/mage in general, I picked it up near the start of this expansion and fell in love with arcane about a month or so ago. I am a Mistweaver monk main and always will be, but my guild runs too many healers when we near the end of the patch Before the next raid comes out, so I leveled a mage to go dps on since I hate windwalker currently.

Anyways, I generally do really well in a m+ setting, pulling better than average, or even good numbers for my item level, between 12-20k and occasionally more on boss fights depending on affixes and what boss it is, but in raids my average is significantly lower, some fights I barely break 10k dps, and on fights like fetid I pull way less than I should be pulling for my item level and gear. I pulled something like 18.5k this week on fetid heroic, which is low for being 374 item level. And I pulled like 11-12k on mother, even though we one doomed her on heroic,

What I’m asking is for basically are tips you guys use in raid to do good dps while also doing mechanics properly, because I know that’s where I’m losing all my dps. My computer is basically a glorified calculator, it doesn’t get more than 8-12 FPS in raids of more than 20 people, so I already have a handicap , and I am really use to playing as a healer, and I have the healer mindset so having to dps is sometimes very difficult, so any tips you have specifically for uldir or arcane mage would make my life so much better, macros and weakauras or TMW icons are something I might also be interested in.
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Re: Having trouble pulling numbers in raid.

Unread postby Corpze Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:59 am

With FPS being that low you're more than likely missing out on an AB during your burn. If you had some logs to link that would be helpful in seeing where you're missing out through either too much movement or not utilizing CDs effectively.
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Re: Having trouble pulling numbers in raid.

Unread postby Shixin Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:20 pm

I'm not a pro...having said that, let me tell you what has helped me.

Talents - this is a tough one. There is one cookie cutter build that everyone copies - Ro3s/Shim/RoP/CU/CS/TotM/OP, according to the armories of the ranked arc mages https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/ranki ... pec=Arcane. I recently changed to Amplification (extra missile) instead of Ro3s, and Resonance (extra 10% dmg per ABarr hit) instead of Charged Up, and I seem to be doing more total damage per encounter...but I'm going to keep playing with this because I made a BUNCH of changes simultaneously and want to test actual differences in these talents.

- Subspec: This addon adds buttons to the top of your talent frame that will allow you to quick-switch to different builds. Do this. I use different builds for raids, M+, and pvp and this addon has helped a bunch.
- Hekili: This addon will help you with your rotation and cd's tremendously. It will also keep you focused more on your performance than on the mechanics of the fight (which you should already know by now) which will help you to stop moving all over the place (as an Arc mage, you MUST stand still, even if it means soaking some of the bad with your defensives). It will also help you stop running OOM. You still have to use your brain as Hekili hasn't been completely optimized for Arc mages (a testament to how truly nuanced this spec is to play), such as choosing to spam AB in the burn phase and ignore your AM procs, but it is supremely handy for reminding you to pop your AP/trink/pots.
- Recount/Details: stop looking at your avg DPS and start looking at your total dmg. Your dps is fine for a 374 with a few unoptimized stats. You need to be staying on target and worrying about getting your uptime to 100%. That's the goal. As you progress to BiS gear, your dps will take care of itself.
- Logs: every time you raid, ask if anyone is logging. Get the logs and run them through WoWAnalyzer. This will help you identify exactly what you need to stop/start/continue.

This advice may go without saying, but on your FPS - set up your graphics and addons for raiding - if you don't need the addon in the raid, turn it off. A good tool for this is Addon Control Panel, which allows you to set-up different builds and switch between them in-game. And the game's graphics interface has settings specifically for raiding, so that when you join a raid group, it will automatically set your graphics to whatever you designate as optimal for a raid.

Hope this helps!

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