New Equipoise playstyle

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New Equipoise playstyle

Unread postby ogbloodghast Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:51 pm

We're going to be working on Mythic Grong today and i know arcane is extremely good on this fight.
I have plenty of previous experience playing this spec but I don't know how this new Equipoise trait effects my play.
Should I be floating around 80% mana instead of 30-50% when I'm not in my burn phase? Also does it effect my burn phases and rune of power usages?
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Re: New Equipoise playstyle

Unread postby aridion1 Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:48 am


First off, good luck with Mythic Grong.

Equipoise: balance of forces or interests.

So far I have not noticed a significant difference in "rotation" (especially with runes) besides moving the burn phase threshold above 75% Mana and making the conserve phase more manageable and less sucky. Really it's the same rotation, just takes a little more thought as to how it's best accomplishe. This higher mana requirement can accomplished by always using Evocation prior to burn phase. It's best to not push all Mana out at once each time you burn. Hanging out at your normal 30-50 is good. Really how it feels for me, the only time I am dumping Mana is during a Rune of Power.

As intended, I think they chose the word Equipoise to balance the "Burn(Short)" and "Conserve(Long)". This honestly seems like Blizzard's way of buffing the specialization for those who can min/max effectively by weaving in Runes of Power at proper Mana levels without buffing the specialization for every Arcane Mage on Azeroth.
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Re: New Equipoise playstyle

Unread postby jeffrybungle Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:39 am

Wouldn't that make brain storm a much better trait than it's portrayed to be? 30 sec window of extra int as you start your burn, use your second rune after your first and keep burning till your runes gone?

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