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Unread postby Xerci Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:44 am

So how exactly do you use RoP.. do you only use it during combustion and when you get bracer procs? or do you use it when you have two on CD? When do you pop it in opening phase if you are using firestarter?
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Re: RoP

Unread postby blackd89 Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:14 pm


Personally I use it only during combustion both of them, since it will be lined up with every combustion.
For firestarter it depends on timings, when you will get to 90% of a boss. For example on mythic kingaroth I use RoP on pull and i will have again 2 RoPs for combustion because adds are spawning 1 minute into fight.
So basically depends on a fight.
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Re: RoP

Unread postby ezekielyo Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:45 pm

I wrote this on reddit a while ago:

"Any general tips on Rune of Power usage as a fire mage?"

General rule of any cooldown:

*"If I use it now, will it be available in my burst window"*

This way of thinking encompasses more then simply "I have to use this cd here because that's what I do every time". Sometimes, you may want to delay your combustion for a certain add phase so you could fit in an extra rune before that and still get both up for combustion. Maybe you need to push a specific combustion timing so are running gloves so can't use runes during downtime at all. This way, you can adapt to any given boss fight instead of relying on "this is what I _have_ to do" kind of playing.

That said, here are some timings you can follow:

* With Meteor: 1 rune between busts, 2 for every bust

* Kindling: 0 rune between busts, 2 for every bust (sit on 2 rune stacks for around around 10 sec depending on crits)

* Kindling + gloves: 0 runes between busts, 2 for every bust (2nd rune comes up during combustion)

Kindling doesn't really line up rune that well. You either have to sit on 2 stacks of runes for a few seconds waiting for combustion, or you gain your second rune charge during combustion (with gloves) and you end up de-syncing them through out the fight.

Regarding rune during firestarter. Some people do, some don't, it's their judgement called depending on combustion duration relics and the length of firestarter phase. Sims use rune on pull during firestarter as the highest dps output however. Up to you on this one.

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