Help with my Pyromaniac mage

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Help with my Pyromaniac mage

Unread postby Abbatoir Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:02 pm


Im looking for feedback or comments to get better at my fire mage, im currently ilvl 959, but not sure if my dps tells that, here is the link to my logs page, hopefully u guys can help me get a little better. ... l/abattoir

Am i doing good or should I avoid mage from now on... haha thanks !!
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Re: Help with my Pyromaniac mage

Unread postby Onebuttonwin Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:49 pm

There's a few things you can improve on, others can help better than me, I would recommend putting your log link into something like Wowanalyzer. A big problem I can see is that you're not saving up your fb and pf charges, and you're not using it as many times as you should be.
Ideally you need to have 3 charges of Fire Blast and 3 charges of Phoenix Flames when you go into combustion so you're just using instant casts during your combustion time and nothing else unless you absolutely need to. So PF -> FB -> Pyro -> PF -> Pyro -> FB -> Pyro etc.
You're also using Conflagration which isn't a big deal but it's not used too much, most people choose between Pyromaniac and Firestarter for AoE and ST. Conflag can be good on AoE and in M+ though.
That's the basic stuff I can see at first glance, like I said run your logs through Wowanalyzer and it'll tell you exactly what you're doing wrong and how you can improve.

Best of luck!
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Re: Help with my Pyromaniac mage

Unread postby Abbatoir Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:16 am

Thanks will check on the talent change and wowanalyzer...
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Re: Help with my Pyromaniac mage

Unread postby Fray Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:34 pm

Just looking over your logs, you should be running RUne of Power > Incanters Flow, with the way our 4p works buffing our Combustion damage you wanna make the most of that by lining it up with RoP, trinket or concordance procs etc, and making sure you're pooling resources for your combustion, I generally use 1 pheonix flames between combustion windows which will always leave me with at least 2 during combustion and making sure I'm saving fire blast charges 10-15 seconds ahead of when I'm about to use combustion, other than that if you have a legendary other than the hands I'd most likely use that instead, but sim yourself using others and see what you like (ideally pyro bracers/time warp ring). Lastly you're hemming and enchanting for crit, you don't need more than 50-55% depending on what you're comfortable with so I'd sim your character and see what stat is best fir you once youve reached that number. If you're unsure on how to aim yourself there are guides on the forums and on the simulationcraft website, good luck man!
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Re: Help with my Pyromaniac mage

Unread postby qivive Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:25 am


regarding heroic difficulty I would suggest the following:

a) Pyromaniac/Firestarter (the latter usually better if you can dps 100-91% nicely without any specials tactics like in HC), Conflag only for AoE such as Eonar. High Command/Hasabel are not enough adds for conflag to be a good choice.

b) My advice to you: On heroic you can get purple logs easily with IF which is - for beginner mages - much easier to handle. Only exception for this is Kingaroth, where you have clear dps windows to utilize. In order to get high rankings you need to plan your fights very well.

Just an example (Kingaroth [since you arent doing particularly well on this fight] with Firestarter, RoP, Meteor):

Prepot precast Pyro-PF-RoP-FB (use fireblast in between to stay below 3 stacks but have 2,5+ ready for combustion) into Pyro until 91% or add spawn, store 1 hot streak if possible for adds, position for adds (watch out for diabolic bombs); then: RoP, Meteor, Combustion before meteor hit (cast right after RoP), combustion, blow instants. If you have a bracer proc during combustion while playing RoP: always try to use it with roP (sometimes you will have to delay the proc until the 2nd rune). Also: Don't be shy to take a green void zone in the add phase unless your heals are horrible and youre near death. Its not worth ruining the add phase. After the add: As soon as Meteor comes of CD or bracer proc: one RoP into Meteor/proc (but you can only fit 1 extra RoP/Meteoer between adds!). Repeat for win. If you have lust ring you will have the following buffs for each add: #1 prepot #2 bloodlust from raid #3 own lust/2nd pot #4 2nd pot if you have lusted on #3 with ring.

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