Fire mage with low dps

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Fire mage with low dps

Unread postby alanx77 Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:55 pm

Hi all, i have a problem, i feel like im not doing the dps i could do.. I read guide, saw tons of videos, but i just cant rise my dps..
all help is welcome, and thank you!

LOGS ... amage-done
( i put this logs cause many of the others i cant see them)

ARMORY ... s/Shunran/

Thank you all
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Re: Fire mage with low dps

Unread postby Baladyna Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:44 am

Yo mate !

Step 1: put gem in ur gloves and ench on ur back (975 proc ! ) ;) and try to change arcano is one of best trink but 865 is just too low.

Step 2 : use
It's good tool to find holes in rotation but u need to take some margin of error because of fight type like on Argus there is natural downtime (phase change, RP) ... 15-Shunran

Exemple : on Vari HC u had problem with rotation
While Combustion Combustion was not active, you failed to Fireball Fireball or Scorch Scorch just before using your Hot Streak Hot Streak 13 times (74.00%). Make sure you hard cast Fireball, a hard casted Pyroblast (if you have a bracer proc), or Scorch just before each instant Pyroblast Pyroblast to increase the odds of getting a Heating Up Heating Up or Hot Streak Hot Streak proc. Additionally, it is also acceptable to use your Hot Streak Hot Streak procs if you need to move.
74.00% Utilization (90.00% is recommended)

Step 3: Prey to RNG GOD xD

Step 4: Look on ilvl % not Perf % cuz is compare to all specific dps spec ( u can't do same dps like peps 970 ilvl + )

Outside some missplays ur dps is not tragic but u have a lot of room to improvements more exemples from wowanalyzer:

Try to cast Phoenix's Flames Phoenix's Flames more often.
10 out of 15 possible casts. You kept it on cooldown 58.1% of the time. (>90.0% is recommended)

Try to cast Combustion Combustion more often.
3 out of 5 possible casts. You kept it on cooldown 65.8% of the time. (>90.0% is recommended)

Try to cast Rune of Power Rune of Power more often.
7 out of 11 possible casts. You kept it on cooldown 66.0% of the time. (>90.0% is recommended)

You sometimes aren't standing in your Rune of Power Rune of Power for its full duration. Try to only use it when you know you won't have to move for the duration of the effect.
Average 6.9s standing in each Rune of Power (the full duration of 10s is recommended)

You used Combustion Combustion while Firestarter Firestarter was active (While the boss was at 90% health or higher). Since Firestarter makes your spells a guaranteed crit anyway, you should wait until the boss is at 89% to use your Combustion.

Your Cloak is missing an enchant. Apply a strong enchant to very easily increase your throughput slightly.

Make a list of ur most common mistakes or missplays and try to fight with them one by one :D

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