Pyroclasm #1?

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Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Purplefrost Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:40 pm

Just simmed myself and Pyroclasm is a 1.5% buff over Meteor. Is this the same for everyone? Has this been better, or did the buffs today make Pyroclasm better?
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Sixxis Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:58 pm


It depend on your stats, the meteor build rely on mass vers / mastery to be efficient, with the good stats it does more damage than pyroclasm build.
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Toriankel Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:00 pm


I play an only crit/pyroclasm mage, casual only. Atm 369 ilvl, 47% crit in Uldir

You can check my limited logs on WoL to get an idea of how it goes, but i really prefer it, smooth gameplay and satisfying damage ... amage-done

Here's my Taloc kill yesterday on mythic with a small guild on my realm
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Laeral Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:09 pm

Pyroclasm sims higher for me too. Also for some reason Firestarter sims higher than Searing Touch. Wasn't expecting that tbh.
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Saharez Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:09 am

What do you know, I sim higher with firestarter aswell.
It's probably because the potential guaranteed pyroclasm crits outweighs the larger amounts of non crit pyroblasts.

in practice I suspect the simulated difference is so small that the increased mobility of searing touch probably has a more significant impact on total dps except maybe on fetid devourer and vectis.

Meteor is only a powerful talent in conjunction with rune of power.

For me my most powerful build would utilize searing touch, rune of power and pyroclasm.
This build is 0,1% stronger than the same build with meteor.

For you the searing touch, RoP and Metoer build remains the strongest build available according to the sims.

Personally I find RoP builds to be too fragile to disruption during their combustion phases compared to Incanter's flow build, I believe the results of simulations are valuable data, but before applying the best simming build, it's important to consider how identical the simmed environment is to the environment in which you will be using the build.
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Herpie Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:21 am

my highest simming build is also with pyroclasm.
And although RoP sims higher than IF, i have been picking IF most of the time.

Ive been ignoring most sims as i seem to lack the skill to effectively make use of burst with RoP (and meteor).

Instead ive been stacking crit (followed by equal amounts of mastery and haste) and running searing touch - pyroclasm - IF.
not being able to pull of that awesome meteor/RoP burst, i thought id gear for crit to make my DPS outside of burst (and to some extend execute) higher and make up for some of the lost potential. crit seems to favor pyroclams at a certain point.

being an average player in an average guild (8/8N, 7/8HC, 1/8M) that is not able to perfectly execute burst with RoP and Meteor, i found it makes my logs look better (corrected for itemlevel :P ) if i run crit-pyroclams-IF. I realize i might be sacrificing potential DPS in order to play something easier (but therefore a build that i can more consistently perform well in). feel free to check the logs (Herpie-Terenas, i play fire exclusively, so i have data for allmost all fights on normal and hc, and taloc mythic) to get an idea of what this build looks like when not played by a top-level player :)

The secret to performing well i think is to take the sims as a guideline and then experiment around with various talents/stats to determin if your 'playsyle' and your 'level of skill' are able to perform according to "what sims best" vs "what you can do best". As i get better at various fights, room might open up to start experimenting again with other talents and try and master these as well. but for now i choose fun and easy to play. I realize that it also depends on the guild you are raiding with and your personal dps ambition. some will want you to make more effort to min-max, where i just settled for 'acceptable' dps while trying to make the most out of the build ive settled with.
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Re: Pyroclasm #1?

Unread postby Lodrik Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:44 pm

So I just got Tzanes Barkspines on a Crit Hast Pyroclasm build.
They are giving me around 18% crit. Im just wondering when to use it?

While in Combustion or when im out of combustion? Preferably with a pyroclasm proc?

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