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new to mage

Unread postby Azurath Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:22 pm

Hi everyone.

I recently boosted a mage to 110 with my BFA token, I have to say while I have no idea what I am doing fire is so much fun. just wondering if you have any general tips for levelling in BFA as I seems to struggle killing more than 2-3 mobs without eating, not sure if I am doing it wrong :). never played mage before so its very different to warlock who has the meat shield I feel very exposed especially against rares etc.

this is going to be my main for BFA as its the most fun I've had since pre patch. (granted I have only pvp'd so far) so ma really looking forward to getting into the mage class.

look forward to your responses
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Re: new to mage

Unread postby rayzel Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:25 pm

Only really a few things I can tell you. Since you boosted to 110 you won't have the gear most of us had going into leveling. So, instead use your kit. Frost Nova things in place, use Scorch to kite the mobs that are hitting harder, keep your shield up. When you Cauterize, hit Ice Block to prevent the damage from it and receive the free healing. Blink/Shimmer is your friend. You are squishy, you don't have a built in tank, your ability to survive is up to you.
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Re: new to mage

Unread postby Kalstrom Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:27 pm

I levelled in fire and damn it was not easy. The flamestrike slow is now 20% instead of 50% so this changes a lot of your kiting big pull potential.
I would go with living bomb, firestarter, pheonix flames, incanters flow, meteor or pyroclasm (pyroclasm is more fun imo, its nice to get a proc and use it on a fresh mob above 90% hp to get that guarenteed crit).

I would say though, once i got to 120 i tried out frost along with its pvp talents and it was just an absolute breeze how easy it is to just kill everything without the need to heal/eat after mobs. So if things are bad, play frost just to level and it will be a massive difference.
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Re: new to mage

Unread postby fuzzlecuff Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:49 pm

Honestly, the best advice to a new mage right now is switch to frost. Everything about leveling is easier as frost: more CC, better burst dmg, better AOE dmg, better shield, pet for additional CC. Fire is like playing on Nightmare difficult. Don't beat yourself up - go frost and enjoying actually feeling powerful.

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