DPS Advice Requested

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DPS Advice Requested

Unread postby Kelvinas Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:33 pm

Hi guys,

I've been playing mage for a good 4 months now and really enjoy the class. In terms of playstyle, I like fire more than frost, but most of the time I do more dps as frost than as fire. I wanted to ask you guys if you have any advice based on my logs. When I look at other mages with comparable iLvls their dps is usually slightly higher than mine, so I'm clearly doing something wrong.

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xM ... =0&wipes=2
https://wowanalyzer.com/report/xMt6rHvw ... 8-Kelvinas

Any advice is welcome: brutally honest feedback appreciated :-)


- No flask or pre-pots
- Normal Uldir just to test dps
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Re: DPS Advice Requested

Unread postby wonderbread Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:10 am

I'm not the best at reading logs but wowanalyzer is great for interpreting for us, from your link:

1. Looks like you're sitting on Meteor CDs
2. make sure you're hardcasting a fireball/scorch before using your hotstreak to maximize the grace window for crit procs
3. don't sit on fireblast/pheonix charges, if you're about to cap and you're *not* about to enter a combustion cycle start using em.
4. remember that you're specced into searing touch for scorch, it's basically what you want to use instead of fb when the boss hits 30%
5. downtime, not casting as much as possible

These are things I struggle with as well, sucks cuz it's really easy to spot them on the website but in the moment I always forget I'm ST specced, and damn if I don't have a weakaura to throw a giant meteor icon in my face when it's off CD I never use it.

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