Azshara's Font of Power combined with Balefire Branch

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Azshara's Font of Power combined with Balefire Branch

Unread postby henne1337 Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:24 pm

Hey guys,

I'm kinda curious about using my Azshara Trinket (430 incl. Socket) with my Branch (430 incl. Socket). Like this:

20 sec pulltimer -> Using Azshara's Trinket at 18 sec. Pulltimer left and then I would pop the usual rotation at pull and I still got 12 sec of Azshara Trinket incl. Branch for the whole time of combustion... I got Leviathans Lure as well (430 only till now). Leviathans Lure is simming way higher than Branch though. I already saw some logs of Gladrien i.e. where he used those two on use trinkets. In heroic I did it as well and it worked out fine... But I still dunno, if it really is a better decision.

Do u guys have a suggestion for me? If this Topic is already part of some Discord conversation... Sorry for that, but I just don't get used to that Programm^^



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