Trying to figure out my dps problem.

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Trying to figure out my dps problem.

Unread postby Zilyana Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:36 am

Hiya, I can't figure out why dps is so low in every encounter I'm running right now.
In Raid, depending on fight I average between 1.6 to like 2.6k. In keys its not much different. Im running 2.2k to like 2.6k depending on the dungeon and I can't figure out what needs to happen? My current only justification is my Vers isnt high enough? ... an/zilyanä
When my crit was much higher, I was still having the same problem, so Im trying to switch over but its a slow process and all.
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Re: Trying to figure out my dps problem.

Unread postby kheath812 Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:12 pm

first of all, sim your character. i dont know why youre trying to stack vers. ... rXQb3Gh2zd

you need more haste, then crit.

second, you need better trinkets. dont use 2 on use trinkets, especially if one of them isnt the pvp badge. get the pvp badge.

i picked one of your logs at random where you didnt die and put it in wowanalyzer. it's not perfect but probably better than i would be looking through your logs myself. run some more of your own logs through this to get an idea of what youre doing wrong. watch some youtube guides or some fire mage streamers. ... 4/standard

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