Guide to Thermally Voiding your Enemies in 7.2.5

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Re: Guide to Thermally Voiding your Enemies in 7.2.5

Unread postby Norrinir Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:47 pm

I think you're wording it wrong, and missing one major point, mastery for frost is useless, the tier 19 that lets you play it properly is Shoulders/Pants. The main aspect of frost is dumping all mastery as possible because it has such little value. If you're not using ideal pieces of t19 or don't have high enough ilvl for your t19 other gear can replace it.

For instance if you look at top parsing mages you'll see most if not all wearing shoulders/pants. This also allows for the minimal amount of mastery from the t20 set
I see it now.
The original post wanted to know if simc overvalues T19 2pc (which it does not), that's why I was confused with your post.

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