Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

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Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

Unread postby fungames22 Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:21 pm

What is the Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost? I have tried so many builds and none of them work very well for aoe.
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Re: Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

Unread postby Norrinir Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:38 pm

RoF or Bone Chilling/Shimmer/Rune of Power/Ice Nova or Splitting Ice/Ice Floes/Frost Bomb/Comet Storm.

The choice between RoF and Bone Chilling really depends on whether you need the burst on bosses. If you don't, Bone Chilling is basically free 6% extra damage on AoE.

Ice Nova can be paired very nicely with Water Elemental's Freeze (both have 25 sec cooldown), but Splitting Ice generally works better unless you're doing huge pulls.

Frost Bomb pairs nicely with Rune of Power, as most of your FoF procs happen at the start (Frozen Orb, Freeze).

Comet Storm is pretty much the only option. Glacial Spike does very little on AoE and downtime between pulls means you can't maintain Icy Veins for long.

If possible, you want to use Freeze instead of Water Jet, as it can generate 3 FoF charges and also provides Shatter opportunity for your spells (Comet Storm, Ice Nova).

General AoE opener with this build: Blizzard, apply Frost Bomb to highest hp enemy, Frozen Orb as needed, put down Rune of Power, dump FoF procs, Comet Storm, Freeze, Ice Nova if talented, dump more FoF procs. Reapply Frost Bomb and cast Blizzard as needed.
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Re: Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

Unread postby Moustachio Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:23 pm

Im at GSM 872 and pretty often doin m+ up to +11 with a blood dk, outlaw rogue and Retri Pally. Its hard to keep up with their dps but for me, but for me bonechilling, incanters flow, splitting ice, arctic gale and comet storm worked best.
RoF ist just to static, u can just single target dps and cant cast other spells during it.
I tried Frost Bomb, but it makes target switching more difficult (bolstering!) and is in my experience too slow without constant streams of fof procs/ frozen touch
Arctic gale worked best for me, cause it doesnt need build up, pairs good with comet storm and delivers a constant stream of dmg. The short duration and cd makes it castable for every pack of trash instead of waiting for cds to generate.
I really disliked Incanters Flow, but imo its superior to rop in m+ because of the time u need for the seperate trash packs and pacing in the dungeon; u dont have to pop ur rop just for a single trash but it delivers constant stream of dps, which fits well with arctic gale, and without rof, frozen touch and frostbomb there is almost none good timeable burst to pair with rop.

In higher m+ (especially with tyrannical) i dont go for aoe but for single target with rof, rop, ft, fb and tv, as the tank normally dont pull as much trash as in lower lvl to get gud dps with my aoe spec, so i focus on the boss fights and bursting down priority targets (f*ing pelters) and let my mates handle the other trash.

This is all based on my personal experience, no simming or other stuff done. I could be very wrong, but this is what i found for me to work best.

PS: excuse my english, its not my mother tongue ;)
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Re: Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

Unread postby fungames22 Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:21 pm

Thank you! I have been running the Mastery build with GS, I fricking love it.
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Re: Best Mythic + Spam Spec as Frost?

Unread postby Muphrid Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:01 pm

I've been having reasonable success with Kuni's dungeon build - Ray/Shimmer/Rune/Splitting/Floes/Arctic/Comet.

Why avoid Frost Bomb? It's hard to use to maximal effectiveness. You constantly have to make decisions about which mob to Frost Bomb, if at all. Arctic Gale is AoE you can fire and forget, and except at the very end of a pull, it is seldom a bad decision to use Blizzard.

The Rune/Ray combo gives very good single target burst for pulls where a priority target must be killed. This is an advantage compared to other DPS classes that might not want to burn cooldowns on some trash pulls. On bosses, I find this is not as much of an advantage, however. Basically, if you can use Ray and have some of its CD mitigated by running to the next trash pack, and the pull is single target, that's a huge plus.

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