Definitive guidance on how to spend FoFs w/wo Brain Freeze

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Re: Definitive guidance on how to spend FoFs w/wo Brain Freeze

Unread postby Cames Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:19 pm

But what simc does depends greatly on the fight chosen and assume perfect skill by the player.

I have not tested every different fight with every different time parameter, but I suspect the difference is relatively small. I think the bigger issue is stopping to think in the middle of a fight. You need it to be like muscle memory. So, if you want to try it different practice and get better at whatever scenario.
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Re: Definitive guidance on how to spend FoFs w/wo Brain Freeze

Unread postby Rasputine Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:13 pm

From my own experience, never munch BF unless you have to move out of something or to execute some kind of fight mechanic. Especially if you are wearing the 2 tiers 19(shoulder and legs of course) and you should definitely wear them. The effect of FB + BF is too valuable to risk munching one procs of BF. Reducing your IV cd and having Chain Reaction uptime should in no way, shape or form be left over in this equation. Of course executing fight mechanic and staying alive and also out of unnecessary damage must always be your main goal and not the number shown on the dps meter or your own personal parse. Moving and being able to manage your instant procs in a way that will allow you to do good dps while doing so is where you have to burn these procs (IL or BF) if you have them without casting a channelling kind of spell (EB or FB) before and even filling your strafing movement with non procs IL just to make sure that you are never in an idle mode while moving. The way you handle mobility of your character while doing proper dps is not an easy thing to sim obviously and will come only the hard way by raiding and raiding again and knowing what to expect on any single boss fight. There is no perfect recipe here and its all about knowing the fight and holding some proper instant cast at the perfect time to be able to release them while moving when it is necessary to do so.

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