Need Help Analyzing WarcraftLogs

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Need Help Analyzing WarcraftLogs

Unread postby Srig Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:12 pm

I'm trying to calculate in each encounter how many IL casts I theoretically should be making.
I always track my IL crit % (want it to be 100%), but just as importantly or moreso, I want to know if I am ignoring or munching any shattered IL casts along the way.

I have always used:

BF procs + FoF procs = Target IL casts.

Thinking you cast IL on every FoF proc and after every Flurry which you are insta-casting on each BF (whether it spawns from FB or EB), it should be counted in the logs.


In my own data, I'm consistently short of IL casts vs. the sum of BF and FoF. I know it's possible to lose FoF's if they spawn too quickly from an orb or if you decide to cast a FB-FL-IL when you FoF procs up.

When I reviewed the top Garothi WB log for a certain ilvl range on heroic, the guy had 19 FoF procs and 24 BF procs = 43.

He cast 49 Ice Lances and had 100% crit.

How did he cast 6 more IL than the sum of BF + FoF proc and still have 100% crit?

(he cast 4 EB in the fight, so even if the BF proc from EB casting didn't log, which I assume it did, it doesn't add up). ... &source=21

Thanks in advance for fixing my ignorance.
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Re: Need Help Analyzing WarcraftLogs

Unread postby Jezrien Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:19 am

It's double lancing.
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Re: Need Help Analyzing WarcraftLogs

Unread postby roldy Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:26 pm

1. If you want to analyze your logs to find out how many ice lances you missed through proc munching or anything else the by far easiest method is copying your log into - makes it a lot easier to break down your log and find possible mistakes.

2. Jezrien is correct. With enough haste you can get 2 ice lances to hit within 1 winter's chill debuff. So 2 ice lances per flurry cast. You can either do that with shimmer - FB->Flurry->Shimmer->Ice Lance-> Ice Lance possible with high haste + haste procs or icy veins. Or FB->Flurry->Ice Lance-> Ice Lance while walking towards your target, requires fairly high haste (something like 100%) so icy veins + bloodlust or something.

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