Balefire brench bug

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Balefire brench bug

Unread postby Frex89 Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:51 pm

Edit: seems Like it is intended. I hate this. :(

Hi guys. I found out that sometimes during a boss fight My icicles reset to 0 when i use the balefire trinket. When this happens it rally f*uck up My rotation because i'm supposed to be ready for a glacial spike and it takes me few seconds to realize icicles reset to 0...and i end up losing bf proc and accumulating down time. I've been able to reproduce this several Times..anyone else noticed this before? Atm I decided to simply pop it on 0-1 icicles but it's kinda frustrating to be honest.
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Re: Balefire brench bug

Unread postby Razzik Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:13 pm

You should be able to use Balefire Branch after your GS cast since it is instant and not on the GCD.

So e.g. GS > Balefire Branch > BF > IL.

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