FYI Mages can solo MSV

Anything mage specific not covered by any of the other subforums, like raid instance guides for mages.
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FYI Mages can solo MSV

Unread postby Killget Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:39 pm

Just incase some didnt know, you can solo Mogushan Vaults to try get the ... ud-serpent Mount from Elegon on 10 Man normal as a mage.

Tips Bosses and relevant spec and Talents

For Most bosses you are going to want to go with Arcane, SN/IF(or RoP)/PC

Time Warp & Arcane power will be up for each boss as they reset on boss kill

Talents for all Bosses: Generally use on Cooldown and at the start of the fight with ... rative-ice means 3 nice big heals in each fight

The Stone Guard : Go Fire - Use overpowered instead of because he moves around a lot ... iritbinder - simple nuke - The Toughest Fight, Make sure you are using Alter Time at the start and healing with ice block - > Cold Snap -> Ice block through out the fight. use blink to escape Pin down. - Very easy, just stand in the centre and nuke and use when the Focus's come out

I didnt do the last boss as i was only after mount.

Best of luck :)
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Re: FYI Mages can solo MSV

Unread postby Frosted Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:46 pm

:O! I did not know this, thanks! I'll add that to my list of mounts to farm every week.
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Re: FYI Mages can solo MSV

Unread postby Unbearievabl Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:29 pm

I had done this as Arcane before when I was around 680 ilvl, but I've completely dumped arcane as an offspec and I didn't really want to set up my bars again so I'm doing this as Fire now. I was able to do all the way through Elegon as Fire, but the Spirit Kings were by far the toughest out. You need to make clever use of healing CDs and avoid damage. Let Meng get to his crazed state where he just runs around and reflects damage because the amount you take is negligible. For Fire I just ran a standard ST build, except for the 1st boss which is 3 target cleave. Arcane will definitely have a better time if it's available to you.

Minor point, I believe you meant Glyph of Regenerative Ice.
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Re: FYI Mages can solo MSV

Unread postby Chill666 Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:41 am

Mage can solo many raid :)
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