Help a fellow frost mage get better

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Help a fellow frost mage get better

Unread postby Magiccian Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:30 am

Hi, I would like some advice for my mage. I read a lot what is best what to do etc. I try to improve my game and my playstyle, but I think i have hit a wall and its really hard to get over it. My basic opener on bosses are : Ebonbolt, IV, ORB and then consume the procs. Mid fight or so to say, if i have a brainfreeze proc I cast frost bolt, then flurry and ice lance. but even so.. sometimes I feel i can not do damage and the logs are confirming it with low parse... Can't improve my parse for Kin'ga , Vari, Agra and Argus... Am I doing something wrong ? is the frost mage not in a good sport right now ? Is it the gear ? i don't have mythic and this is the max i can get out of hc gear ? ( my old guild was not even close to start mythic so I now changed to a new guild that does mythic progression, would like some advice so i can raid with them ).

It feels like my dps is really low when the locks, monks, dhs and even dks are going way above me, going even with 3mil... ... /magiccian ... fight=last

P.S. I have discovered and also been told that I am missing my pre-pot.
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Re: Help a fellow frost mage get better

Unread postby Jezrien Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:13 am

I will check your performance using Vari fight as an example.
And here are a few things stand out:
1. Your EB has 80% crit rate which must be 100%. Standing too close to the boss may cause such things though.
2. Why did you use legendary helm instead of 2t20+4t21 with bracers?
3. Why did you cast Blizzard on ST? Never do that.

Your opener looks like this:
00:00:01.151 Magiccian casts Ebonbolt on Varimathras
00:00:01.281 Magiccian casts Flurry on Varimathras
00:00:02.388 Magiccian begins casting Frostbolt
00:00:03.864 Magiccian casts Frostbolt on Varimathras
00:00:03.864 Magiccian casts Frozen Orb
00:00:05.006 Magiccian casts Blizzard
00:00:05.719 Magiccian casts Icy Veins
00:00:05.846 Magiccian casts Ice Lance on Varimathras
00:00:06.640 Magiccian casts Ice Lance on Varimathras

You should do it like: pre-pot at 4 and immediately start precasting EB (sometimes you should precast at 3 if tanks are slowpokes) > IV + Flurry (at the same time) > Lance > Orb. It's pretty much standart opener for a frost mage if encounter doesn't require anything special.
I believe you could have the 3d IV (right at the end of the fight though).
86% crit rate for Ice Lances. Since you didn't have bracers it might be because of a spamming. Sometimes if you spam the keybind too hard it can fire 2nd dry lance. Or you did it intentionally during movement periods. Vari is the best boss to have Ice Floes talent.
Also you've munched some procs but not like it ruined your overall dps.

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